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AA 7000

AA 7000

The AA-7000 series of Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers features high-sensitivity analysis, flexible system configurations, a number of safety features, and a compact footprint, ensuring efficient and comfortable operation in your laboratory. In combination with easy-to-use software and the powerful ASC-7000 autosampler, the AA-7000 series is your choice for enhanced flame and furnace analysis.



Double-Beam Optics and Stable Hardware Achieve Superior Stability
The AA-7000 series’ newly developed 3-D optical system is capable of producing maximum performance for both flame and furnace detection. This is achieved through optimal adjustment of the light beam and digital filter, and by using optical components that restrict light loss.

Achieves World-Class Lower Limits of Detection
Advances in optics and a new graphite furnace design achieve improved lower limits of detection for furnace analysis (comparison with previous Shimadzu models). This superb analysis performance is possible in all fields.

Dual-Background Correction Functions
The optimal background correction methods, high-speed self-reversal method (SR method) and deuterium lamp method (D2 method), are installed as standard.

Advanced Safety Technology
Safety is an extremely important consideration for flame atomic absorption spectrophotometers using acetylene gas. The AA-7000 Series instruments are the first* ones in the world fitted with a vibration sensor as standard. They also incorporate a comprehensive range of safety mechanisms, including gas leak detectors.
* Shimadzu in-house investigation. Current as of November 2008.

Configuration Flexibility
When attached to the AA-7000F, the optional AAC-7000 Auto Atomizer Changer* creates an integral burner and furnace that remains permanently installed in the combustion chamber. It supports both flame analysis of high-concentration samples and furnace analysis of trace samples, without changing the atomizer unit. The integral construction with the atomizer saves space.
* The AAC-7000 cannot be attached to an AA-7000G instrument.

The AA-7000 Series can be upgraded by adding units to allow the system to handle the analysis targets.


User-friendly WizAArd software demos in less than one minute and is compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 when combined with Shimadzu's network-compatible CLASS-Agent data management software. Quality assurance/quality control functionality and hardware validation software are also provided. Other functions/features include:

  • Measurement screen layout shows measurement status at a glance

  • Lamp history function assists with lamp management

  • Identical software operation for flame and furnace measurements

  • Accuracy management (QA/QC) functions permit user-level management, audit trail, and electronic signatures

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