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GCMS Ultra

Taking GC-MS to the Limit

High-speed performance

  1. Achieving maximum scan speed of 20,000u/secASSP function for greater sensitivity
  2. Ultra-fast data acquisition speed for comprehensive 2 dimensional gas chromatography

 Increased productivity

  1. Analysis cycle shortened by ½ the time
  2. Significatly reduce maintenance downtime
  3. Easy exchange of columns for improved productivity
  4. Eco Friendly
  5.  36% reduction in power consumption in analysis standby mode 
  6. 30% reduction in CO2 factory emmision

 Option 1

The GCMS-QP2010 Ultra is our most advanced gas chromatograph mass spectrometer. A newly designed and patented technology called ASSPTM (Advanced Scan Speed Protocol) allows this GC-MS to scan at 20,000 u/sec without sensitivity loss or spectral distortion. Lab productivity and sample throughput are automatically increased. Ecology mode saves power and carrier gas consumption allowing for a lower cost of ownership and less environmental stress.

Option 2

There is increasing public interest in the investigation of trace compounds that contribute to environmental pollution and affect human health and in research related to novel compounds. Reducing running costs and lessening the impact on the environment by increasing analytical efficiency and decreasing power consumption are universally global goals. The GCMS-QP2010 Ultra was developed by engineers who accepted the challenge to meet these needs.

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