Frontier Laboratories Multi-functional Pyrolyzer

Significantly enhanced analysis capacity High performance and high reliability Analyze samples in any form

From Double-Shot to Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer

The EGA/PY-3030D Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer employs a vertical micro furnace. It is based on over 30 years’ basic research into pyrolysis gas chromatography (Py-GC) by Shin Tsuge, Emeritus Professor at Nagoya University. It is the top-class model in the series of multi-function pyrolyzers developed by Frontier Laboratories Ltd as a result of business-academia collaboration. Based on the technologies fostered during the development and upgrades of double-shot pyrolyzers, the EGA/PY-3030D achieves superior performance and ease-of-use in all aspects, from the furnace performance to details of the control software.