AP Series

Advanced Performance UniBloc Balances

Faster Response and Higher Stability

  • High Speed | Fast weighing response
  • Stress Free | Reliable weighing results
  • Efficiency-driven Conveniences | Various productivity-boosting weighing applications

Fastest Response in Its Class with UniBloc AP Technology
Shimadzu analytical balances boast a one-piece UniBloc weighing sensor, which is now even more advanced. The improved UniBloc sensor offers up from 7 seconds (previous model) to 1.5 seconds faster response.

Advanced Digital Control for Fast, Reliable Weighing
The improved measuring feel provides for more comfortable use.
Measuring feel has been signicantly improved by using the advanced digital control technology and smoothing technology.
AP-i system provides reliable weighing even in an challenging environment and enables high-speed weighing of small samples.

Built-in High-Performance Ionizer (Optional)
A new ionizer is able to remove static electricity in about 1/10 the time of previous ionizers. This unit allows acquisition of reliable weighing results by eliminating static electricity that can affect measurements without scattering powder.