AOC-20i / AOC-20s

Auto Injector/ Auto Sampler

Design goals set and surpassed in AOC-20 Series
…Ideal sample handling with high throughput, data reliability and traceability.

Auto Injector

Sample introduction is a key aspect of any gas chromatographic system. The auto injector must be able to inject samples into a variety of injection ports, including split/splitless, direct (WBI), cool on column (OCI) or programmed temperature vaporization (PTV). Injection parameters also must be controlled to best suit your sample analysis.

The new AOC-20 (Automatic Operation Controller) does all of this and more, providing the ideal solution for your laboratory challenges. The AOC-20 provides the highest degree of reliability. This means that the unit produces reproducible results, with a minimum of problems such as bent needles, evaporating samples, etc. Maintaining reproducible results requires that periodic maintenance be performed, such as changing the injection port septa or syringe. With the AOC-20, these procedures are simple and you can comfortably perform them without fear of adversely affecting instrument performance.

The challenge in today’s laboratory is processing large sample numbers and various vial types in an automated fashion. In addition, ever decreasing detection limits demand increased flexibility for different injection techniques, including large volume injection (LVI), solvent flush, and solvent flush with a second solvent. The AOC-20 meets these challenges and enhances throughput to meet your productivity goals.

Auto Sampler

Flexible sample handling of up to 150 vials, greatly enhances laboratory productivity!

The AOC-20s Auto Sampler carousel and robotic arm provide for sample transport to the AOC-20i Auto Injector using 1.5 mL and 4.0 mL vials. The system is smart too! It can tell the difference between the vial types by reading the information from the vial tray in use. The AOC-20i/AOC-20s is a powerful automation tool for the GC laboratory that allows the user to take full advantage of the GC system’s capabilities.