MALDI Mass Spectrometer

The MultiPlex™ platform has been designed as a multi-user walk-up system offering unparalleled versatility and efficiency

MultiPlex maximizes the efficient use of the MALDI-7090 through the combination of the integrated 10 plate loader, the 2 kHz ultra fast UV laser and the MALDI Solutions™ multi-user environment software.

MultiPlex enables both manual investigation and fully automated high-throughput analyses accommodating all types of experiments from single spot investigation to even the longest multi-plate LC-MALDI separations. Furthermore, it is also compatible with the FlexiMass-SR™ steel reusable and FlexiMass-DS™ disposable polymeric microscope slide format MALDI targets.

The MALDI-7090 is an ideal platform for individual laboratories and core facilities alike.

MultiPlex expertly manages the MALDI-7090 workflow.
Experimental set-up, data processing and results review is now possible from any workstation linked to the instrument network thus creating a highly efficient and versatile multi-user interface. The realtime experiment queue within MultiPlex streamlines automated analyses such as LC-MALDI by assigning specific plate locations within the loader and monitoring progress of the submitted experiments. Plates can be loaded and unloaded from the 10 plate loader ready for analysis even while the instrument is running another experiment. The loader chamber also has the option of being held at standard atmosphere or vented to nitrogen to protect more sensitive samples.

Designed for maximum reliability, MultiPlex offers the ultimate flexibility in both high-throughput and multi-user environments.