Sequential Plasma Emission Spectrometer

“At your will, without restriction” is the key phrase of this ICPS-7510. It can be used for a wide range of analytical assessments, from research and development to environmental management – “At your will, without restriction”.

The scope of elemental analysis using an emission spectrometer with a plasma light seiz is limitless.

The ICP light source is characterized by:

  • High detection capability on the ppb level.
  • Little interference between elements.
  • Wide range of analyzed concentrations.
  • Excellent precision and reproducibility.
The sequential plasma emission spectrometer that realizes operation free of restrictions
  • Accurate spectral measurement of a wide range of wavelengths at a high resolution and sensitivity.
  • All types of samples can be analyzed at will, such as acidic/aqueous solutions, and organic solvents.
  • The radio frequency generator has sufficient power supply (Max.1.8kW) for various analyte.
  • Excellent stability in it’s radio frequency power source, spectrometer, and gas flow rate.
  • Easy to use automated functions and a comprehensive data processing menu.
  • Small installation footprint.